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How to build wealth with real estate while having a job...

Our simple 3-step system is for working professionals who are too busy for complicated, time-consuming investment strategies.


If you are brand new to real estate, you will benefit from the entire 3-step system from start to finish. If you have already started in real estate, you can jump in from one of the 3 steps depending on where you are in your wealth building process.

Hardcopy Book

  • Offered exclusively through the real estate community.

Audiobook & eBook

Listen or read from your favorite mobile device whenever convenient.

If you have received a gift book from your realtor, click here for Complimentary Access to your audiobook & eBook.

"We have all heard that "Time is money.” The 3-step process described in this book provides a simple recipe for working professionals to gather wealth by leveraging time. We were inspired, and the guidance provided in this book helped us to take our baby steps towards planting the seed."

       -Ritaja & Supratik

"What I really like about this book is that it helps first-time home buyers see the big picture for buying a home vs renting one. It also shows how the appreciation of a home over time will play a huge part in building your personal wealth."

-Fabiane M., Bay Area Realtor

"This book is a must read for working professionals everywhere. It presents a simple yet effective way of building wealth through real estate investing."      


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